The Akali turban in 3D

One of the most enigmatic objects in the Royal Armouries collections is an armoured turban, known variously as a ‘quoit turban’, ‘fortress turban’, ‘Dastar Bungga’, or ‘Akali turban’ (after the elite Sikh warriors who wore them).

The turban dates to the late 18th or early 19th Century and was presented to the museum by the East India Company in 1853, having most probably being taken from the treasury at Lahore following the violent annexation of the Punjab in 1849 after the Second Anglo-Sikh War. More information on the turban can be found on the Royal Armouries online database.

The turban has recently been 3D scanned in a joint project between the Sikh Museum Initiative, Taran 3D and the Royal Armouries, enabling it to be studied in wonderful detail and focussing on some of its more interesting features. More about the project and access to the 3D scan can be obtained through the Anglo Sikh Virtual Museum.

A short video about the project can also be viewed on the Sikh Museum Initiative’s Youtube channel.

Main image is copyright The Royal Armouries and taken from their online collections database


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