Being Human festival – call for applications

Being Human is the UK’s national festival of the humanities. The 2022 festival will take place 10–19 November, with the theme ‘Breakthroughs’:

In 2022 Being Human will be thinking about ‘Breakthroughs’. Returning for our ninth year, this year’s festival will continue to explore the ways in which the humanities enable us to interpret the past, understand the present and imagine the future. What breakthroughs can we imagine, rediscover, and celebrate through humanities research?

From breaking actual ground in archaeology to radical new thinking in literature and art; from socio-political breakthroughs and breakdowns (revolutions, rebellions and rebuildings) to religious revelations and epiphanies, humanities research is shaped by endless fascinating breakthroughs.

Humanities researchers and other staff from universities, independent research organisations and cultural organisations are invited to apply to take part in the festival by organising an event, activity or project. There are four ways to take part:

  • Hub Award – apply for a larger institutional grant of £2,000–£5,000 to coordinate multiple activities
  • Small Award – apply for funding of up to £2,000
  • Open Call – organise an activity that does not require funding from us
  • Being Human Café – a simple ‘off-the-shelf’ format 

To find out more about the festival, read case studies of previous projects, and to access the application forms, visit the Being Human website.


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