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2nd November 2021, 5.30 – 7.00pm (UK) via Zoom

Each presentation will be 15 minutes followed by questions and panel discussion.

Chair: John Reeve co-chair RCHG

The speakers will be:

Rosie Parker is a member of the RCHG steering group and is doing doctoral research at KCL,  looking at religion and aesthetics , on ‘The Visibility of the Curatorial Hand’ about curating religious objects 

Hassan Vawda is a member of the RCHG steering group and is currently a doctoral research student at Tate in collaboration with Goldsmiths on Religion, Secularism and Muslims in Britain and the British Art Museum. He is looking at whether there is a need for a ‘Religious Literacy’ in Strategy, Audiences and Programming.

Hajra Williams is doing a PhD at Brighton: as an AHRC funded researcher within the Design Star consortium (2018-2021). Her research is focused around British South Asians and Museum Exhibition Design from 1960s to the present. She was formerly at the V&A working with south Asian communities. 

REGISTRATION: The seminar is free to attend. To book your place please email us at