‘Exploring Religion in Museums’ project

This RCHG project aims to select up to fifty UK museums whose collections can be used to tell stories about religion. Short guidebook-style entries will be posted to the RCHG website; later an actual guidebook may be possible.

The aim is to raise public, scholarly and faith-group awareness of the variety and significance of religious objects in UK museums. Each entry will focus on a different theme or aspect of religion.

The Beatles Story, Liverpool: Atheism

The British Museum: Preaching enlightenment or preaching the bible

The Bunyan Museum, Bedford: Pilgrim’s Progress

Cowper & Newton Museum, Olney: Religion and slavery

Dunblane Museum Collection: Communion tokens

Fairfield House, Bath: Rastafari

Haslemere Educational Museum: museum founders’ religion

Jersey Masonic Museum: Forced conversion of collections

Royal Army Chaplain’s Museum, Shrivenham: Religion and the Armed Services

St Augustine’s Church and Visitor Centre, Ramsgate: Religion and Architectural Style

Winchester Cathedral ‘Scribes and Kings’: Church and Crown in England

Whithorn Priory Museum: Christianity comes to Scotland

William Booth Birthplace Museum, Nottingham: religious leaders