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The Religion and Collections blog wants to reflect as many voices as possible, so if you have been involved in an exciting project regarding the care or presentation of religious material culture, want to tell us more about a religious museum, exhibition or object, need specialist advice, or just have interesting thoughts to share about the subject in general, then we would love for you to contribute to the blog.

Please submit content to The guidelines below advise on our different content categories, but please do contact us with any questions or if you have content to offer that does not seem to fit neatly into these categories or requirements.

Submitted content will be proof-read and requires approval by our editorial team prior to appearing on the blog.

Images, audio and video

Every post on the blog needs to be accompanied by at least one image, for which you own the copyright or have permission to reproduce. Multiple images may be submitted as long as they support the content. Images may need to be adjusted to fit the blog template, and landscape images generally work best.

We are keen to include multimedia content on the blog and are happy to receive audio recordings and videos, either as posts in the own right or accompanying a written piece. Please contact us to discuss these in more detail.


For sharing an announcement about an event, exhibition, project or changes to an organisation. Please keep news items under 500 words in length.


For longer contributions, up to 2,500 words in length, discussing specific projects, case studies, individual collections or objects or more theoretical approaches to the study of religious material culture.


Shorter contributions that aim to pose a question for our readers to comment on. This might be to seek specific advise about researching, storing or displaying a religious object or collection, or raise a more theoretical issue about the study of religious material culture. Opinion articles should be no more than 1,000 words in length.

Museum / exhibition reviews

If you have visited a museum, religious site or exhibition anywhere in the world, then we would love to hear about it! Reviews should be no longer than 2,000 words and images of the site are particularly welcomed.

Publication reviews

If you have read a book or article of relevance to the study of religious material culture and would like to share your thoughts on it with other readers, then please let us know.

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