Romania: a new Jewish Timisoara virtual museum is launched

A new (and evolving) online museum aims to provide a multi-layered picture of the Jewish history and heritage of Timisoara, Romania, as well as of today’s Jewish life in the city. The virtual museum was created by the Municipality of Timisoara in partnership with the local Jewish Community, as part of the EU-funded REDISCOVER project, a 3-year project aimed at promoting the little-known Jewish heritage in nine cities in eight countries of the EU’s Danube region. The virtual museum is named after Rabbi Ernest Neumann (1917-2004), who served for more than 60 years as rabbi in Timisoara.

The virtual museum can be visited at:

The virtual museum is organized in separate sections that aim to:

  • Present the history, religious life and the traditions of the Jews of Timisoara
  • Display of the architectural and cultural heritage
  • Inform about famous personalities from the ranks of Timisoara Jewry
  • Show their contributions to the economic and cultural development of the city
  • Preserve and exhibit photographic, audio and video documentary material 
  • Share oral testimonies and memoirs
  • Present the current vibrant life of the Jewish Community in Timisoara
  • Inform the public about specific activities of the community 
  • Promote a spirit of openness to other cultures 
  • Serve as an educational and touristic resource 

From Jewish Heritage Europe


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